Aral Innova is a specialized and dedicated to the production of decorative ceramic murals for both interiors and exteriors of buildings company.
During the development of the ceramic mural and prior to the preparation of the final work, our client has the option to receive work in a ceramic piece so you can see the final result, as a preliminary to the final realization of the project.
We realize ceramic murals for buildings, based porcelain can make drawings, trompe l'oeil and any image you want, with no size limitation. We can transmit sensations deep working the colors, shades and patterns.

In a report attached sheet of studies of chemical resistance and stain resistance occurs.
Below attached photographs of a sample stained with spray graffiti, left to dry over 48 hours, and cleaning results with a conventional solvent.

One of the biggest concerns when running a mural of any kind as a decorative element in an urban area is vandalism, especially that of graffiti.
In the case of ceramic murals, we can not avoid being the subject of graffitti, but if we can ensure easy cleaning with a conventional solvent without damaging the product.